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Below are a collection of stories spanning our combined experience as travelers, sailors, outdoor adventureres, and food obsessors. You'll also find how-to's, reviews, rants and otherwise worthy subjects. Sometimes we're published. We have another blog from previous adventures that will be converted to this site soon!

Panama Round One, SUCCESS!

Well, we bought the boat for QM Travels. Our trip to Panama was a success, we’re now the proud caretakers of Esprit, a very fine sailboat. So, what’s next? What’s the state of QMT right now? The checklists are only getting longer.

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Mitchell Andrus
How did we get to QM Travels?

Quincey and I have been massaging this business in our dreams for a long time. Ideas would surface as daydreams, on occasion we'd vocalize them, and then keep dreaming. Eleven months ago, though, while on a sailing charter with paying guests in the Caribbean, the dream came into focus. "We can do this! Let's do this!" We've had our sails full ever since.

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On Course!

Summer of 2015 rolled on while Quincey and I shared a very small, three room one bath beach bungalow with two other adults, two big dogs, and little Pandacat (these roommates, by the way, were the best we could ever ask for). While the galley was huge even in modern standards, the bedroom was much smaller than the lovable 32' boat we now call home. We were really feeling the compression and wanted to find a place to call our own. 

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Finland 2017

Quincey and I are in the Cold Dark North, 400 miles (643km) south of the Arctic Circle in Helsinki Finland. At 60° North, on December 29th, we'll experience less than five hours of sunlight and the forecasted high is 38° F (3.3°C). We might get some snow but likely we'll see more rain. Chance of seeing the sun? Zero percent.

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