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Channel Islands Chillin

CHannel Islands Chillin’

This trip is for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike!

Stock photo of Anacapa Island

Stock photo of Anacapa Island

  • Nights: 4

  • Dates: two trips available; 10/5-10/9 and 10/11-10/15

  • Price: $3,000

  • Deposit: $750

  • Start: Oxnard, noon

  • End: Oxnard, noon

Known as the “Galapagos of the North America,” the Channels Islands lie approximately 25 miles south, a half-day sail from Santa Barbara. The stunning, rugged landscape and diverse wildlife will inspire the adventurous spirit in all who are lucky enough to visit. Most of the islands in this chain are designated National Park land, and the surrounding water is a protected and vibrant marine sanctuary. Come join us as we explore these pristine islands by sailboat, and bask in the presence of whales, dolphins, countless bird species, and the adorable Channel Islands fox!

For those water-babies among us, the clear waters of the Channel Islands beckon you to come in and play! Snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and scuba diving provide endless opportunities to explore the watery world. Land activities include nature walks and hiking along the many trails, with plenty of bird-watching. Wind down from all the fun with that book you’ve been wanting to read, chill in the cockpit with a glass of rose, and enjoy the serenity of life-on-the-hook.

Total price is for the first two guests. Any additional guest (up to 2 additional) will be $100 per night. Children under 12 years old are $50 per night.