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Our Life Mission

Quincey + Mitch +  Esprit,  pre Panama Canal Transit

Quincey + Mitch + Esprit, pre Panama Canal Transit

Our mission is to provide experiential vacation supported by sailing and nutrition education, dubbed Holistic Adventure Travel. This is done while living aboard a sailing yacht visiting exotic locations. We will also encourage environmental stewardship, living minimally, and enjoying a great time. Having fun, educating, eating well, and adventuring are our top priorities.

We offer sailing charters that are 50% sailing and 50% exploring fantastic locations for their natural beauty, culture, food, and physical activities. Our main demographic is groups of friends, couples, and small families of all ages. Ultimately, our ideal guest is not the idle onlooker, but the adventurer who want a bespoke and active role in his or her experience. Many of our guests are adventure travelers who know of or are interested in life abroad a cruising vessel. We give them a taste of cruising, with all the excitement of sailing and exploration, living minimally and simply, and include insight on provisioning and cooking aboard. In addition to creating delicious meals, Quincey offers her consulting skills to provide our guest with knowledge and insights into their personal health as it relates to nutrition. She inspires our health discerning guests to make simple, everyday choices around food that are sustainable and delicious!

We searched for more than two years for the boat that would serve as the platform for QM Travels. There are many great boat designs out there, but we were looking for something extraordinary that would fit all our criteria. We needed a blue-water cruiser, something that can sail all the world’s oceans in safety and style. Robust and beautiful design, sails fast and smooth, a practical layout that allows for a comfortable communal space as well as privacy, and a spacious galley for our culinary creations. After combing the west coast of the United States, without luck, we set our sights a bit further. How about Panama? That's right, we found our dream boat on the Caribbean-side of the Panama Canal. 

In March of 2018 we became the proud new caretakers of Esprit, a well-traveled and well-loved Kelly Peterson 46. We immediately set off on the journey home to San Fransisco Bay, flying under the Golden Gate Bridge 47 days after leaving Panama City. Read more about our travels in our blog and more about Esprit.