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We provide experiential vacation supported by sailing and nutrition education, dubbed Holistic Adventure Travel. This is done while living aboard a sailing yacht and visiting exotic locations. 

"If happiness is a goal, and it should be, then adventures should be a priority!"
- Sir Richard Branson

The boat, esprit

The highly regarded Kelly Peterson 46 is the perfect yacht for QM Travels. Famous for their ocean cruising capabilities, they are comfortable, sea-kindly, fast, and luxurious. The layout has two cabins, two bathrooms, and a spacious galley

- Considered a classic ocean sailing yacht. 


About Us

Quincey, Mitchell, and Pandacat live aboard S/V Esprit in the Berkeley Marina, San Francisco Bay. They enjoy the outdoors, eating and cooking fine cuisine, and sailing into the sunset. They have decades of high end customer service experience, bachelors degrees from the University of Utah, and an ever growing desire to share their knowledge of sailing, traveling, and healthy living.

"...I felt I could fully relax and soak in paradise because I was in the hands of the most open hearted, knowledgable, and trustworthy sea humans I could imagine."

-Kate, Leewards crew 2017