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Quincey + Mitchell + Pandacat

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Mitchell - Captain & Cook

Born in the mountains of Utah comes a master of water in all forms. Mitchell spent his winters developing his craft as a skier and his summers sailing small boats on the lakes of Utah and costal Southern California. After a couple semesters of college, he needed a change in scenery. A semester sailing in the Caribbean aboard the school ship Ocean Star (Road Town BVI) sounded like a good change. This was a life shifting opportunity that led to a lifetime of sail training. After Ocean Star, Mitchell went to work teaching teenagers aboard 50' sloops, still returning home to ski and finish college whenever possible. He is now teaching at OCSC Sailing in San Francisco Bay and holds a USCG captains license, numerous US Sailing Association Instructor certifications, and Quincey and he have completed their ISAF Sea Survival course.

He really enjoys teaching the art of sailing and does so through a calm and welcoming atmosphere. Sailing with Mitch is always a good time, he's light hearted, good humored, and a little old fashioned. Everyone learns something about sailing when aboard with him.

Quincey - Mate & Chef

A born traveler, Quincey spent her childhood in between Asia and the United States. She was born in Hong Kong to American expat parents, and was lucky enough to visit many Asian countries from a young age. True to her Pisces nature, she is absolutely at home around water. She loves to swim, snorkel, wake-board, just float, and scuba dive (she holds a PADI Rescue Diver certification). She caught the sailing-bug after meeting Mitchell in Utah (one of their first dates was sailing the Great Salt Lake aboard his Benetau First 235, Gitana). Her sailing experience includes working for the adventure company ActionQuest in the British Virgin Islands as Mate and EMT. In 2017, she and Mitchell led a flotilla of nine boats in the Leeward Caribbean Islands through the company OCSC Sailing, where she gained more experience with provisioning and cooking underway!

Her deep passion, education, and career background is in Holistic Nutrition. She LOVES talking about food, and even more so, loves nourishing people with great food! Her creativity really shines in the galley, using quality ingredients to craft delicious bites and meals meant to share. She is able to create meals around any and all dietary restrictions and preferences. She is excited to share her passion of sailing, adventure, and eating with all who come aboard!

Panda - Ship's Kitty

Our little adventurer, Panda, is a beautiful lynx-point siamese. She is six years old and very snuggly. A fierce huntress, she keeps the birds and other critters away. She has lived many places, from a tiny studio apartment, to a secluded cabin in the mountains of California, a 32' sailboat, and now a 46’ world cruising sailing yacht! With all the changes her humans put her through, she is incredibly adaptable! Her charming personality has wooed even the most staunch of dog-lovers. All in all, she's a pretty cool cat.  

Allergies? Surprisingly, her breed has a very low allergy factor.